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Sport Method Consulting - Beach Intro

You’re standing on the beach, looking out onto the water, visualizing the chaos that you will be jumping into when the gun goes off. Have you covered all your bases in training? Were you smart in your preparation? Did you take into account all the risks and engaged every tool you have available to ensure success? We’ve stood on those sands, and we’re here to help you answer ‘yes’ to those questions.

 Tri-Cities Triathlon Club

We provide coaching services to the local triathlon club in the Port Coquitlam/Coquitlam/Port Moody area! We lead the coached sessions for the club on a weekly basis. If you’re interested in a club atmosphere and meeting new friends make sure you check them out! They’re a great group of athletes ranging from 9 years old (youth program) to 60 years old and all abilities are welcome. Take a look at the community in your own backyard:

Personal Triathlon Coaching

With more than 10 years of coaching experience, our coaches work together to bring you a customized and highly interactive training plan to help you achieve your goals. With plans that include unlimited contact with your coach, you will never feel like your training is slipping by you. Come discover what Sport Method can do for your fitness. We bring you the fine tuning that motivated athletes need to focus their efforts.

Junior Triathlon Program


Lake Freaks – Open Water Swimming

Open water swimming is the number one reason athletes are hesitant to pursue triathlon! Now you can develop your swimming skills in a safe environment without breathing in chlorine air! With coaches on stand-up paddleboards watching you on the water, open water swimming has never been more accessible.

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This program is offered in the Summer from June to August.

Lake Freaks – Open Water Swimming

First Aid Services

All events needs qualified first aid attendants with the right tools to help injured athletes! We can equip your event with the first aid tools as well as certify your volunteers and event staff.

We can provide certification/training courses in a wide array of levels from CPR courses to full Standard First Aid courses. Customization is our specialty. We recognize that not everyone can invest an entire weekend to taking a course or recertifying their tickets. Let us know what your time constraints are and we will build a schedule that works for you. We are not limited to business hours, and split up courses to make it work for you.

Our instructors issue Lifesaving Society certificates that are recognized throughout Canada.

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Events Management Services

Our events team has many years of experience working with events management companies in streamlining race-day logistics and trouble shooting. Our emphasis is on the athlete experience, the memories that your clients take away from your races. A good experience will turn around and bring back the athlete and several of their friends in the following years. A negative experience has the opposite effect, eventually leading to the collapse of an annual event. Let us help you determine what your event needs to cut costs, increase client retention, and generate a greater community profile.

We also provide race-day announcing services – our announcer has several years of experience at a variety of events!

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